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3+4 black paintball pod harness pack

3+4 Deluxe Pack Black

Upgrade your paintball gear with the 3+4 Deluxe Pack. With a heavy-duty Velcro closure and side adjuster, it guarantees secure and customized fit. The spacious 4-inch Velcro belt comfortably accommodates...
4+1 Vertical Harness Pack Black

4+1 Vertical Pack

Elevate your paintball game with the 4+1 Vertical Pack! This durable pack holds 4 pods and a 20oz CO2 tank securely. Its wide Velcro straps provide comfort and adjustability, while...
4 Pod Vertical Pack Black

4 Pod Vertical Pack Black

Experience convenience and security with the 4 Pod Vertical Pack. Designed to hold four storage pods, it allows quick access to your paintballs. The high-quality Velcro closure and adjustable belt...
Black Pod Hauler pouch harness with two 140 round paintball pods

2 Pod Pouch

The 2 Pod Pouch's lightweight design keeps you organized without slowing you down. The integrated belt and harness provide secure support, while the built-in ejection straps allow quick pod release...
Black Pod Hauler pouch harness with two 100 round paintball pods

2 Pod Hauler w/Pods Black

This lightweight harness is designed for maximum capability without sacrificing comfort or mobility. It holds up to 200 rounds of paintball ammunition at a time, so you can stay in...